Sunday, 11 November 2007

Bowman's Brewery: Nutz in Wallops Wood

Yesterday we had the enormous pleasure of visiting Bowman's Brewery for a visit of one of the newest microbreweries in the region and of course to present the award for Beer of the Festival. We first tasted one of Martin's brews at the Hampshire Bowman last Christmas, but discovered the full range at the Guide Dog in Southampton, a regular outlet, in Spring. Thus it was no surprise that at our bar at the New Forest Show and at Poole Beer Festival, Swift One became an instant hit with drinkers and was voted our Beer of the Festival. Pictured below is Brian presenting the award and Martin with Roger being introduced to Roger's new mascot!

Martin found his base in Wallops Wood near Droxford late lat year, then it was a barn tat had once housed battery hens, so there was a generous layer of Chicken S**t on the floor, and then used for 'urban' paint balling. With a lot of hard work from him, his business partner Ray and their friends there has been created a wonderful little brewery that produces some excellent ales. See Bowman's website for the full range and do consider a take out, it is well worth it.

After a tour with a pint of Quiver (4.5%) or Wallops Wood (4%) in hand we were treated to a first, a taste of his seasonal beer Nutz. Brewed using organic chestnuts this is something quite special. Unlike all the thick, sweet and dark winter or Christmas beers, it is very smooth, light, rich brown coloured and with a good nutty taste and aroma. The perfect complement to a Christmas dinner we reckoned. We also enjoyed some Elderado, a very tasty and light 3.5 ale with a subtle elder flower hint. Not over-powering, just perfect in fact; though normally more of a summer beer given that we spent quite some time there it was good quaffing ale to keep he day going and not too strong so we all fell over.
The whole branch would like to thank Martin for being such an excellent host and for sharing is excellent ales with us. Look out for his beers, request them at your local free house, and if travelling on the A32 nip off down the B2150, drop by and pick up a carry out, you wont regret it!

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