Saturday, 3 November 2007

Beer of the Festival

At Poole Beer Festival all visitors vote for their top three ales, we then count up the votes and see who won. So the top three over all are.

1. Bowman's Swift One
Already a joint award winner with South Hants and Southampton, Swift One is pale, golden and very drinkable with really excellent flavours for its strength. Nice and hoppy without being aggressive and with an appetising aroma. Bowman's is a new brewery but brewer Martin has bags of experience, visit their website for the full range of beers and look out for the write up on the branch's trip next Saturday!

2. Purple Moose's Dark Side of the Moon
Winner at Leeds and Cambridge, Dark Side of the Moose is a delicious rich, dark ale with a deep malt flavour and a fruity bitterness; great texture and aroma popular with all who try it. The name sells it of course, but Purple Moose, from Porthmadog in the shadow of Snowdonia, have found a way of standing out within the micro-brewing market while satisfying all those who try it for the name. Look out for the rest of their range which can be traditionally named such as Snowdonia Ale, or the more amusing Mysterious Myrtle Stout.

3. Suddaby's Coffee Porter
Dark, rich flavoured, lovely aroma and taste of coffee: just what you would expect really but absolutely excellent. A small brewery centred in a pub/hotel in Malton, North Yorkshire that offers a wide range of ales, the website shows much of the range but focuses on promoting the hotel; though I can imagine its a great place to stay if their beers are available!!

Congratulations to the brewers who won, but this is no reflection on those who did not. I always find voting difficult, some beers are just not for me, some are great and then I forget what it was, etc, etc. These richly deserve an award, but so did many others, thanks to all who voted!

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