Monday, 29 October 2007

Poole Beer Festival 2007

I suppose after 9 years we should be getting it right, and from comments from visitors most things went pretty well. The stats are staggering, something like 880 gallons, 7040 pints of ale, with another 576 pints of cider and perry, and not forgetting the 40-50 bottles of foreign beer, all disappeared (well there was a bit of wastage but not much!!). But we estimate that our 1650 visitors must have had about 4-5 pints each, well done each and every one of you!!
There was some great beer around. My favourites were York Brewery's Yorkshire Terrier and Bowman's Quiver (so I'm really looking forward to visiting Bowmans Brewery on Nov 10th!!!). We're not sure who won beer of the festival yet, Brian is having a well earned rest before counting the votes - but we'll let you know as soon as he has the results. Bet it was Brewdog's Paradox, interesting idea to have an ale fermented in whisky casks, result though was the strong taste of burnt wood - not for me!!

The charity, Friends of Fernmount, did well this year. We know they were donated just over £400 in tokens at the end of the sessions, thanks!!
I forgot my camera - yes, berk, I know - if anyone has any good photos they would like to see on here email them over to we have some and we will get some into the next EDition: in pubs about January time.
Last bit for now - one ladies coat, size 14, was found at the festival. Send me an email and I'll post it or if local collect the pint reward!
More soon, now festival is over have time to add the last lot of articles and update the site. ED!!

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