Tuesday, 21 August 2007

Watch out for Nutbrook

With breweries selling up, closing down etc, its great to hear good news. Here is some from Derby. A Father and son are turning their brewing hobby into a business after successfully selling their top tipples to pubs. Chris Richards, 22, financed the building of a micro-brewery in the garage of his family's home in December. And now with his father, Dean, 53, he has applied for planning permission to make the Nutbrook Brewery, in Hallam Way, West Hallam, permanent. Chris said the business had been successful because of the custom-made ales it sold. The operation produces about eight barrels of ale a week, each of which makes a £40 profit. Chris said: "We found our own niche in the market. We brew the ales in single batches so they are unique and sell them to pubs and festivals".CAMRA is the biggest customer - Woohoo campaigning at its best

Their ales are Oak's Ale for the local Seven Oaks Restaurant, and Banter Bitter, a five-percent pint that's halfway between a lager and a bitter, sorry it may be too late to get some for Poole this year but in the future hopefully we'll get a barrel!

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