Sunday, 1 July 2007


The day dawned bright and sunny and strong coffee was the order of the day and what better place is enjoy this then in the shadow of the Altes Rathaus (city hall) built on its own little island in the middle of the Regnitz River the original half timbered building with the gothic exhibition centre on the left with it’s three dimensional cherub mural whilst watching the world go by. Dominating the Bamberg skyline are the four massive towers of city’s cathedral which is the first stop on our cultural tour being Sunday we can only peep inside the 11th century building.

We continue walking up past two palaces both former residences of the Bishops of Bamberg, the half timbered Old Court built in the 15th century and the 17th century New Residence with it’s baroque wings and surrounding rose garden from which we have a stunning view of the whole town. After a pit stop we reach the Seehof Palace with it’s large cascade and 18th century orangery.

It’s time for lunch so we head back down to the town meeting up with the rest of our party in Bamberg’s newest brewpub the Ambrausianum opened in August 2004 and selling draught hell, dunkel and weizen a long narrow bar with light wooden tables on the right which give the bar a nice cheery look. The pasta was good and substantial the beer acceptable well they have another few hundred years to catch up with the rest of the town.

We head off down to the river and decide to enjoy a boat trip we embark by the granary and enjoy a cooling ice cream, ok some had a rauchbier. The first part of the trip was interesting passing the old fisherman’s cottages that literally are built on the rivers edge we then pass through a large lock and that is where the scenery ends as we are now in the industrial part of the town by the stoneworks, enough said. (at least we missed out the sewage works, ED)

Back in town more refreshment is required with a little help from our map we find the Klosterbrau with outside tables and inviting sunshades. Draught beers Bamberger gold (pils) schwarzla (black lager) and the amber braunbier. Gastsatte is the oldest brewery dating back to 1533.We are amazed to see a elderly lady on the next table knock back a full stein, must be good beer so we stop for another to confirm the point and yes it was excellent.

As this was our last evening in Bamberg all agreed that we would head towards the beer gardens for a relaxing evening and a final few beers. First port of call is the Maisel-Keller with it’s rustic tables and horse chestnut trees for shade and a refreshing glass of Bamberger weisse. The extensive garden is close to the brewery who used to store or lager the beer in the hills for summer consumption.

A short hike up the hill is the 800 seat Special-Keller. By now it seems that the whole of Bamberg is enjoying the beer and the superb view of the city below. We find a vacant table and krugs of rauchbier arrive courtesy of a friendly waitress, although not friendly enough to offer summer lodgings to Robin the radler drinker (ginger beer to you and me). This is the perfect place to end our short trip to Bamberg, a packed beer garden with young and old enjoying a Sunday evening drink.

A great place with friendly people who enjoy a beer and drink plenty but in a responsible way long may Bamberg continue to prosper.
P.S. What is the German for the platform of the train to Frankfurt Airport has changed. (I think it was schisse, ED!)

Rog, International Correspondent

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